IFOJJ & De Pasquale Certifications


Action Film Academy 2019

Action Film Academy - Aug 17-18th, 2019. For more info Action Film Academy or call 201-666-7100.

INF Police Defensive Tactics

INF Police Defensive Tactics Certification

For more info go to INF Certification

Immobilize - Stop the Attack
Neutralize - Take Attacker to the Ground
Finalize - Handcuffing Submission Techniques

Combat Ju-Jitsu 2019

Combat Ju-Jitsu - 4 Weekend Certification the 2 weekend of June 8th - 9th

For more info go to Combat Certification

 SAFETY Certification

 SAFETY Certification - For more info go to Safety Certification

 Stunt Fighting and Falling For Film Certification

 Stunt Fighting and Falling for Film Certification:  at the Action Film Academy

 For more info go to Stunt Certification

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