Martial Arts University 2013

Dear MAU Attendees:
Due to the Scheduling needs of the Masonic Park where the event will be held this year, our dates must change immediately. The Official dates for MAU 2013 have been changed to July 27th & 28th.

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DePasquale Seminar in Italy

Michael DePasquale Jr teaches Yoshitsune traditional and combat Ju-Jitsu seminars in Rome and Flori. The IFOJJ and the DePasquale yoshitsune ju-jitsu system continues to grow there. Attendence was incredible. Click here for photos.

3 new schools Chartered

People with certificates- left to right: Shichidan Shihan Daniele Mazzoni, Sandan Alessandro DelFiore, Yondan Andrea Mazzoni, and Yondan Claudio Nasciuti

MAU Promotions

Promotions @ MAU 2009

At the IFOJJ MAU, promotions were awarded to students of the DePasquale Yoshitsune Traditional and/or Combat Ju-Jitsu System From Left to Right (with certificates): Top- Shawn Flanagan, Fred Bernier, Joe Diaco, Robert Scott, Bill D’Urso, Ed Gary Bottom- Marvin Carmona, Jorge Espinosa, Ross Greenberg, and Larry Houck. In the backround are other yoshitsune high ranking blackbelts.

Register On-Line for Certification Programs

On-Line registration available for all DePasquale Certifications. Click here or visit for registration information and dates.

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