Martial Arts University

The Official dates for MAU 2019 are Oct 23rd & 24th.
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Another great event The IFOJJ 25 year Anniversary of the Tribute to 
the Pioneers Martial Arts at the Double tree Hotel in Fort Lee hosted 
by The international Federation Of Ju-Jutsuans and Michael De 
Pasquale's Safety and Self defense Academy with many teachers and 
students from around the country and Canada ,with 8 of River Vales own 
Michael De Pasquale's affiliate schools present as well as a great 
testing for some of the students from his school in River Vale, 
testing for high brown George Harcher, Brian Roccabruna, Brown Belt 
Alex Puccio and several Black Belts receiving their 4th Degree Belts 
Rocky Giovinazzo , Carl Zimatore, Mike Rasulo and Kevin Boylan and 
John Welfel for his 5th degree, along with 2 high ranking Black belts 
receiving 8th Degree Jorge Espinoza 35 years with the system, and 
Chris Shoolis 45 years 9th Dan Congrats to all!! 

Attendees of the Martial Arts University Training Seminars.