Martial Arts University:

Another great event The IFOJJ 25 year Anniversary of the Tribute to the Pioneers Martial Arts at the Double tree Hotel in Fort Lee hosted by The international Federation Of Ju-Jutsuans and Michael De Pasquale's Safety and Self defense Academy with many teachers and students from around the country and Canada ,with 8 of River Vales own Michael De Pasquale's affiliate schools present as well as a great testing for some of the students from his school in River Vale, testing for high brown George Harcher, Brian Roccabruna, Brown Belt Alex Puccio and several Black Belts receiving their 4th Degree Belts Rocky Giovinazzo , Carl Zimatore, Mike Rasulo and Kevin Boylan and John Welfel for his 5th degree, along with 2 high ranking Black belts receiving 8th Degree Jorge Espinoza 35 years with the system, and Chris Shoolis 45 years 9th Dan Congrats to all!! 



Attendees of the Martial Arts University Training Seminars.          



Korean Martial Art Festival

International  Martial Art, and Safety Instructor and seminar leader Michael De Pasquale JR was a Headliner at the Korean Martial Art Festival in Crestview FL,  hosted by one of his great students and high ranking black belts Thomas Gordan and the Gordan Martial Art Academy. Where Michael De Pasquale JR was the only non Korean Hapkido practitioner to teach his style of American Yoshitsune Combat Ju-Jitsu and was well received by all as he taught his unique brand of Defensive Tactics and Combat Ju-Jitsu. He also tested his Black Belt students at the Gordan Academy up to 2nd degree in the De Pasquale Yoshitsune Combat Ju-Jitsu system. Congratulations  to Thomas Gordon, Greg Bledsoe Jeremy Morgan, Mary Valdez, Amanda Howard and Dr. Alberto Barbon.


The Legendary Stunt Awards and The Icon Awards

Recently Martial Arts Instructor Michael De Pasquale JR owner of The De Pasquale Safety and Martial Art Academy co-hosted The Legendary Stunt Awards and The Icon Awards in Las Vegas at The Rio. He also received The Icon Award along with other icons in the field of Martial Arts Entertainment. Here is one of the icons who started Kickboxing in America and runs the biggest and best Martial Art tournament in the world, The Battle Of Atlanta (which Michael De Pasquale had the honor of being inducted in there Hall of Fame with the likes of Check Norris) Corley who also was a recipient of the Icon Award said special thanks to Del AOF Weston, creator and host. Robert Goldman and  Michael De Pasquale JR co-hosts and supports and to all fellow Icon recipients, "I come in peace" star Matthias Hues, seven time World kickboxing champion Jeff W Smith, six time Ms Olympia Corey Everson, six time UFC champion and star of The Expendables Randy Couture, star of HBO's Oz Chuck Zito and Martial Art/Publisher/Action movie producer and co-mc Michael De Pasquale JR a wonderful experience with incredible talented, humble and giving people.

Here is a shot of the recipients.


The Karate Kreatures are coming  back!

Impressive to watch the young warriors at the De Pasquale Safety and Martial Art Academy as a gift  a folder with a Karate Kreatures and a first addition comic. They have a Comic code seal of approval and this first addition happens to be very valuable. Who knew that we had not only an International martial art celebrity but a creative individual who makes movies, published magazines around the world (Karate International) , started the first Martial art internet site with AOL as his partner, teaches safety, martial arts and much more. Quick note; The Karate Kreatures are coming  back! De Pasquale created  them before the Ninja turtles but unfortunately they beat him to the punch, and he is now working with several company's to bring them back!

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New Shodans in Yoshitune Combat Ju-jitsu

Joe Ferro and Tom Payne receive Shodan Congratulations to Joe Ferro and Tom Payne who received their Shodan in the Combat Ju-Jitsu system. Seen here with Shihan Frank Payne and Soke DePasquale

On September 24th Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. went to Boston

Jackie Pence hosted a Seminar on the 24th of September with Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr.

Jackie has helped the IFOJJ Martial Art University quite a bit in the past few years and we thank her for that. Her husband, Keven Pence, is a DePasquale Combat Jujitsu 2nd degree black belt. He is doing a great job teaching a lot of our combat jujitsu black belts in the Boston area.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

New Horizon Karate Seminar/Test

Congratulations Black BeltsOn the 25th of September Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. did a seminar at Jim Alty New Horizon Karate. Where not only was the Seminar well received, but seven people were tested for Shodan in the combat Yoshitsune system.

Congratulations to Marshall Akita, Geoff Akita, Peter Stark, Philippa Schwarzkopt, Rick Maypother, Jim Gettens, and Hie Tu. This is first 2nd generation of black belts in the system. Hats off to Shihan Jim Alty for doing a great job with all of his DePasquale Yoshitsune Combat jujitsu system. They even performed the test lefty and righty.

Photos of the seminar and test are in our GALLERY

New Hampshire News

Shawn Flanagan, our IFOJJ rep in New Hampshire, is a 3rd Dan in the Combat Yoshitsune jujitsu system and a First Dan in the Yoshitsune traditional system. He has been running a fantastic jujitsu program at his Karate International Martial Arts school. He also tested many of his students while Soke DePasquale Jr. was visiting, and boy what a terrific job he did. Take a look at a clip on Shawn and John's site with Soke teaching hand and foot drills. http://www.kimacnh.com/entry.brt?i=62

Martial Arts Symposium 2010

This year Terry Dow's Martial art symposium was a great success in New Hampshire. Many blackbelts attended with their students. Some of the notable instructors were Bill Wallace, Bruce Juchink, Jeff Driscoll, Master Brent Crisci, and Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr.

West Point News

IFOJJ Rep and Yoshitsune Shihan Antony Nataro is back at West Point helping teach the cadets in the Judo Program. Remember last year the team was a winning team and I am sure this year will be the same. Tony also supported the IBRF and had a great write up in the PSE&G newsletter where he works.

Action Film Academy

Action Film Academy 2010In August Michael De Pasquale Jr. ran his Action Film Academy with a lot of Martial Art school instructors and students. Take a look at the new promo at www.actionfilmacademy.com. All the students that graduated from the Action Film Academy became members of the Screen Action Stunt Association www.sasastunts.com. An independent film was also shot at the AFA called "The Last Operative". All of the students who attended were in scenes. Special thanks goes to all those who help with instruction; Joe Hess, Bill D'urso, Tom Renner, Larry Houck (who also set up the all equipment at the event), Ross Greenberg , Marvin Carmona, Angel Torres, Doctor Phil DeFina, and good friend of Michael De Pasquale Jr's, Chuck Zito, who showed up on Sunday.

Florida News

Congratulations to Drew and Daniel Serrano for an outstanding job with the IIMAA conference in Florida. Along with IFOJJ's Michael De Pasquale Jr. was Bill Wallace, George Kirby, Christine Bannon Rodriguez, Toby Milroy, Jeff Allen, Greg Goepfert, Jim Graden, Richard Bustillo, and many others. Take a look at www.iimaaconference.net.

Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. promoted two people to Shodan in the combat yoshitsune system. Joe Ferrel, a student of of Joe Hess, and Tom Payne who is a high ranking traditional Yoshitsune practitioner. His father who has been studing the Yoshitsune system for over 30 years is our IFOJJ rep and top ranking Yoshitsune Jujitsu instructor. Soke also did a Seminar for a lot of outside Martial Art practitioners which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Soke DePasquale and Friend Wesley SnipesCasting Call with Wesley Snipes

In September Michael De Pasquale Jr. put a casting call together at the Double Tree Hotel in Ft. Lee NJ. Many of the AFA graduates attended and did a skilled job. Other Martial Art luminaries who attended the casting call; Shonie Carter, Kevin Thompson, Ronald Duncan Jr., Kenny Lee, and many more. The day turned out to be a great success with over 150 people.

Alabama News

Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. was in Alabama in August, with IFOJJ rep and Yoshitsune Blackbelt, Soke Jimmy Steager. Soke DePasquale has been going to Alabama for over ten years. Each time Soke Jimmy Steager tests many students in his Fujikan system and Yoshitsune system.

Congratulations to all of those who tested and Kudos to Jimmy's new school. Soke DePasquale spends the weekend with Jimmy, his family, and his students. He always raves about how they train and treat him. God Bless You guys!

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

World Martial Art Federation News

The World Martial Art Federation had their banquet in June headed by good friend Henry Guidiboni and run by Jackie Pence. Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. also ran a seminar at this event, along with many others. The World Martial Art Federation is a growing force in the Boston Metropolitan area.

Karate College

Soke DePasquale Jr. also attended the Karate Collage which he has for the past 22 years. He performed his street to ground combat jujitsu in addition to a curriculum certification for his combat system. Teaching along with him was Bill Wallace, Jerry Beasley, Anthony Delongis, Renzo Gracie, and many others. Congratulations to Anthony Delongis for receiving his 5h Dan.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Battle Against Cancer

Sensei Tom Harris ran his battle against Cancer fundraiser in May to help support the cause. Soke Depasquale Jr. was there along with many other notables at the Secaucus New Jersey Crown Plaza, and what a wonderful job the did.

Italy 2009

Michael De Pasquale Jr taught Yoshitsune traditional and combat Ju-Jitsu seminars in Rome and Flori. The IFOJJ and the DePasquale yoshitsune ju-jitsu system continues to grow there. Attendence was incredible. Click here for photos.

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