History of the IFOJJ

The IFOJJ was founded in 1969 by Soke Michael De Pasquale Sr. as the Federation of Practicing Ju-jutsuans. The name was subsequently changed to reflect the international color of the organization as it began to attract members from outside the United States. Membership now encompasses martial artists worldwide.


The Federation issues membership certificates along with patches, rank recognition certificates, and awards such as the Order of the Gold Shield (presented to law enforcement officers). The true value of the Federation lies in its’ membership. By becoming a member, you and your students are exposed to a worldwide network of martial artists. You will be able to sponsor seminars under the auspices of the Federation, and in many cases bring some highly skilled members conduct these seminars.


What is the I.F.O.J.J.?

The IFOJJ is a Worldwide Fraternal Organization of Martial Artists of all ranks who represent many systems and styles. What began as a social group, grew into an organization which is in the forefront in providing its members an opportunity to learn and understand other legitimate ryus.

What is the purpose of the IFOJJ?

The purpose of the federation is to foster a benevolent fraternity among the members and give them exposure to all other systems and techniques.


What are the Benefits of Joining the IFOJJ

How can it help My School and My Students?


By becoming a member, You and your students will be exposed to a worldwide network of martial artists. You will be able to sponsor seminars under the auspices of the Federation and in many cases, bring some of the highly skilled members to your area to conduct these seminars.

Through our worldwide network, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to many martial arts systems thereby enhancing your present skills. Through your membership, you will receive discounts on all official IFOJJ merchandise as well as all IFOJJ sanctioned seminars and events.

Through the organization, it is possible to operate a franchise school of the IFOJJ with full support by the organization. Contact our Headquarters for further information.

You may train in our system through video instruction and gain rank through blue belt level. Promotion for brown and black belt requires live testing before certified Yoshitsune Instructors.

Recognition of rank, school, style and individual certification is available under the umbrella of the IFOJJ and De Pasquale Ju-Jutsu.