Comments and Opinions from other martial artists about Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr. & the IFOJJ

For the first time with anyone, I chose to work with Michael De Pasquale, Jr. on Ring Deadly/Street Lethal because his Combat Jujutsu street to ground techniques are effective and to the point

Joe Lewis

Former Karate Heavyweight Champion

Scientific and effective! The De Pasquale Jujutsu systems blend to all Jujutsu styles.

Wally Jay

Founder of Small Circle Jujutsu

Energetic, complete and practical, the De Pasquale Jujutsu systems are very effective.

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Former World Middleweight Champion

I use many of the techniques when I teach a seminar in self defense.  I find them to be easy for non-martial artists to learn and understand how the drills and kata relate to protecting themselves.  The participants find them to be effective and very usable, without having to do a complete study of a martial arts system.  It is fairly easy for an accomplished martial artist to understand the principles and efficiency of the techniques, but it is extremely rewarding to see how novices catch on so fast.

Shihan Bill D'Urso

Springfield, VA

Your Combat Jujutsu system has give me a new way of looking at martial arts altogether, and has proven to be the most practical and effective form of self-defense for me. Soke De Pasquale’s dedication and commitment to martial arts has renewed my dedication, and made me a better martial artist. I look forward to continuing my training and growth with you.

Master Paul Biratsis

5th Dan World TKD Federation, Licensed Body Guard, Springfield, VA

Soke De Pasquale’s Combat Jujitsu System puts traditional techniques and philosophy into today’s world of martial arts.  I have incorporated some techniques into our traditional Taekwondo program and have started a new program consisting only of the Jujitsu.  It has helped my school grow in addition to improving my own skills.  Thanks for allowing me to train with this true martial artist.

Master Dave Melton

Virginia Martial Arts Academy, Chantilly, VA

The Combat Jujitsu System is one of the most effective self defense systems I have come in contact with. It is easy to learn, and with practice can be an extremely effective and efficient way of self defense. The CJJ can stand alone, but also can be taught along side other arts to give the student a well rounded defense program. I would highly recommend this course of study to any martial art student.

Master Martin Bailey

5th Dan World TaeKwonDo Federation, 4th Dan Korean Hapkido Federation, Woodbridge, VA

I had originally intended to learn the Combat Jujutsu system only to compliment the Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do that I already practice.  However I’ve found the system to be so complete and effective that I often find myself using Combat Jujutsu for my “Go-To” techniques.  They blend seamlessly with the other styles I practice and have made me a much more complete and confident martial artist.

Carl Lydick

2nd Dan World TKD Federation, Manassas, VA

Your instruction and the Yoshitsune Jujitsu  Combat  system are by far the most comprehensive and progressive methods for dealing with real world scenarios… Over the years I have been exposed to Many different forms of unarmed and armed combative styles. I know first hand that your training has improved my understand of the other arts I have studied. Your system provides our students with the realistic drills, tactics, and skills to survive.  You have captured the essence of the “Modern Warrior Teacher” without disregard for the traditions of the past I feel certain your father would be proud of you and where you have taken the art. Soke a sincere thanks from our dojo.

Kevin Pence

Peabody, MA

I have really loved working with Soke DePasquale and becoming certified in his system. It is a great complement to my training in Kosho Ryu Kempo. Additionally, it is a valuable resource for me, as my job entails working with law enforcement on a regular basis, often with clients who can be volatile at any time. This training is realistic, down to earth, and I can see great results when one is willing to put in the time and effort to learn the techniques. I look forward to continuing my work with Soke.

Sensei Lisa Ellis

United Martial Arts Academies, Augusta, ME

According to student response, Michael DePasquale Jr.’s Combat Jujitsu was one of the most popular programs offered at the Karate College.

Jerry Beasley

Director of Karate College

The DePasquale Combat Ju-Jitsu System roots runs very deep in Martial Arts in America! From one of the First Pioneers, the late O’Sensei Michael DePasquale Sr. who passed on his knowledge to his son Michael DePasquale Jr, who is now sharing his knowledge and passing it on to his students and fellow Martial Artists! They have both devoted their lives to the Martial Arts! It is truly one of the oldest and best Martial Arts Systems in the World. From the Integrity to the Technique, the DePasquale Family has it all!
It is an honor to call them good friends!

Jeff Smith

Former World Lt. Heavy Weight Kickboxing Champion / 9th Degree Black Belt, National Director Mile High Karate

My students and I all benefited from the DePasquale Combat Jujitsu Seminars.

Steve “Nasty” Anderson

World Champion

DePasquale Combat Jujitsu is realistic and effective in a combat situation. I especially enjoy the paralyzing finger chokes.

Keith Hackney

USC Competitor 3 & 4

The Power of the DePasquale Jujitsu system incorporating the highly effective Street & Grappling Techniques are effective and to the point.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson

Former World Kick-Boxing Champion & Movie Star